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Being in business now nearly 17 years, we have certainly seen nearly every business development mistake that can possibly be made. Everything from terrible ads, to ineffective digital, to obnoxious sales processes. You name the marketing or sales snafu and we’ve seen it. That being said, in nearly every case, it isn’t a bad marketing campaign or an offensive Facebook post that hurts a company’s acquisition of new customers. It is almost always the fact that the business has not created a business development mindset.

What is a business development mindset or culture?

Simply, a business development (or sales) culture is a commitment to growth. It’s the deep understanding and acknowledgement that if you don’t have an effective way to bring on new business, you are doomed. It is the mindset where you internalize the need for business development, pushing your fears aside and taking it seriously.

Sounds obvious, right? But sales seems to be one of those things that often gets pushed aside because “we’re too busy with other things.” Mostly, truth be told, it gets pushed aside because business leaders don’t understand, or they underestimate the need for it. My goal with this article is for you to understand how vital it is for you to know how to bring on a new customer. Without it, nothing else matters.

When you create a sales culture in your business, you benefit in a number of ways:
  • You’ll create marketing and sales consistency. Often, businesses marketing efforts are intermittent and random. Or they’ll create social media posts when they think of it. With a business development mindset, you are more apt to be consistent with your marketing.
  • You enjoy your business on your terms.
  • You don’t have to take on work you don’t want.
  • You’ll make more money.
Here are some ways to shift to a business development culture in your company:
  • Prioritize the time for business development. Make it as much a part of your schedule as anything else.
  • Create a measurable, actionable sales and marketing plan.
  • Find someone to hold you accountable.
  • Lose the excuses.
  • Seek outside expertise when you need it.

This can change the trajectory of your business.

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