Can I Please Talk to a Human?

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We attended a Chamber of Commerce event last week, which we do on a regular basis. On a side note, if you’re a business owner and not participating fully with your local Chamber, you’re missing out on a fantastic marketing opportunity. But anyway…at this event, several people offered testimonials about other local businesses that they had worked with. It was very interesting, and we paid a lot of attention to what people were saying in their testimonials.

The primary things that people spoke about regarding businesses they worked with were personal attention, service, fulfilled promises, caring, attention to detail, and follow through. They spoke of how well they were treated and how these companies made it easy to do business with them.
You know what they didn’t talk about? They didn’t talk about how awesome these companies’ websites were. They didn’t talk about how great their display ads or social media posts were. They didn’t talk about all the clever ways these companies had developed to market to them either.

Don’t get me wrong. All these things are important. You need a compelling marketing message to the right audience, a good website, useful content, and to stay on top of your marketing at all times.
But the point of this article is that, there is nothing, from a marketing standpoint, that is more important than a positive customer experience. Treat people like humans. Provide amazing service and follow through on promises. Without this, all your other marketing efforts will be wasted. Don’t neglect the other aspects of marketing. It’s all vital. But by providing an incredible buyer’s experience, you will gain infinitely more from your marketing efforts.

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