Cozy Hills Campground faces all the challenges of a demanding, seasonally-driven business.

The campground owners are highly focused on upgrades to improve their customers’ experience. Since the owners understand the value of these upgrades, they also understand the value of engaging marketing experts to promote them.


Cozy Hill’s Campground approached E Circle Marketing with a very specific need. Weekday camping was more available and less requested. With years in the industry, the owners of Cozy Hills knew the need was present. The challenge was reaching their prospects with the right message. With that in mind, E Circle set out to increase their client’s bookings and accommodate more campers Sundays – Thursdays.


First step is redesign the website. These changes make it more appealing and easier to navigate. Simplifying the user interface increases ease-of-use, leading to longer engagement. Our actions included the following.

  • Create a consistent marketing campaign to promote all the activities and accommodations for campers
  • Develop and produce email campaigns which focus on all the fun things available to do and see while camping at Cozy Hills
  • Copywrite and distribute a press release for COVID-19 First-Responders. This release highlights an offer benefiting first responders during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Reasearch and produce a VIP promotional package for campers to incentivize off-night camping.


The results were very satisfying! Cozy Hills experienced an increase of 30% in inquiries. During the first season of these efforts, 50 reservations for the VIP package were purchased almost immediately. The website continued to gain traffic and longer page-views and was far easier for visitors to use. Overall, Cozy Hills has recognized a distinct increase in weekday campers.


We’ve been working with E Circle for over 10 years, the last 2 have been focused on marketing. Even through the pandemic, we’ve had wonderful results. We use a collaborative approach, which I much appreciate, and working together have seen remarkable increase in sales. Mike and Maria always have great ideas, or take my half thought out ones and help me refine and implement! Highly recommend!

Lelah Campo

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