Corona-Virus has your customers panicked

Your customers are panicked, now what!

Watch our video from our Duct Tape and Popsicle Sticks video series “Show your customers that Your Business Can Meet the Urgent, Changing Needs of Your Market.” It’s time to stay calm, and innovate, just because Corona-Virus has your customers panicked, doesn’t mean you need to follow suit.  It’s time to provide services to your market place that they need.

We’re currently living in one of the strangest moments that many of us have seen in a very long time. You can’t scroll through Facebook, watch the news, talk to a client, sit with family and friends and not hear about the Corona-virus. I promise you; we’re not going to offer you one tip, piece of advice, or opinion about COVID-19. There’s plenty of information and disinformation for you to find all over the internet. This article is for business owners who are feeling the effects that this crisis is having on businesses.

We are quite sensitive to the fact that there are some businesses, especially those in the hospitality industry who are going to be especially affected. All bars, restaurants, and theaters are now closed in Connecticut. There are no words of motivation or advice we must help you through this.

For other businesses, this is not a time to take things lying down.

We know it might be difficult for awhile. We’re asking you to think of alternative solutions you can provide your customers to help them get through this situation and help your business survive.

For example, if you’re a limousine company, can you bring all hands-on deck to transport customers that may have been stranded by an airline? If you’re a moving company, can you help panicky parents with the mass exodus from college?

Can you hold online meetings with your clients instead of in person? Can you help your clients be more effective online?

How can you alter your products and services to be an innovative resource to help keep your customers as functional as possible? Think of all the current problems your customers are having because of the Corona-virus. How can you  help solve them?

Equally as important, it will be important to communicate thoroughly to your customers and target audience that you understand their current challenges and that you have solutions to help them get through it.

This is a time for business owners to be at their most creative and innovative.

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