Create an Affinity For Your Business

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The tag line for our business, E Circle Marketing, is “business owners don’t want better marketing, they want more customers”

Over the years, we have found this to be completely true. Business owners don’t necessarily care about “how” we help them get more customers. They just want higher quality engagements that lead to more customers. But what exactly does that mean? What happens that will drive the higher quality leads?

As we’ve mentioned many times before, it all starts with messaging. As far as messaging goes, there are some specific things that you need to do to get someone’s attention. Consider the following words as you create any sort of marketing piece or content.

  • Questions
  • Concerns
  • Worries
  • Solutions

If you want to create an affinity for your business, listen closely to what your customers and potential customers are saying.

Through your marketing efforts, you want to listen closely to what your customers and potential customers are saying. If you aren’t addressing these 4 things, you won’t get any response, regardless of your tactics.

Do everything you can to see the world from their perspective. Be understanding and caring of the things that move your customers to make a buying decision. Actively listen and engage with them. Too many times we’ve seen businesses try to push the messages that they WISH engaged their potential customers. They will tell everyone how great they are, how long they’ve been in business, or the incredible customer service they provide. Your audience doesn’t care about any of this. They simply care about how you can possibly help them with their problem, challenge, or desire. So again, listen carefully to what they are saying and craft your marketing messages around it.

In today’s world, we often feel like we need to shout out our message to the world so we don’t get overlooked by our potential customers. More often, the opposite is true. Your target audience is begging for someone to listen to them.

To create a true affinity for your brand, quit telling people about yourself and start listening to what they have to say.


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