Creating Content is NOT Going to Grow Your Business!

I hope I got your attention. It’s quite true. Content, in and of itself, is highly unlikely to lead directly to new customers. For some it will. For most of us it will not. The old theory was that potential customers would become so engaged by your amazing content that they would eventually just be drawn to do business with you. This is almost never true. In fact, most of your content will never be seen, heard, or read by the vast majority of people.  It can sometimes fee frustrating knowing that, most of the time, less than 100 people will see your video or read your blog.

Watch this week’s Duct Tape and Popsicle Sticks video Creating Content is NOT Going to Grow Your Business!

Here comes the confusing part…

We strongly encourage you to create content (video or written) on a regular basis. Post content to your blog and social media. Not just once a month. We want you to post something several times a week.

Why?? If my content isn’t going to get me new clients, why bother?

It’s free and useful information for your target audience.

With blogs and videos, you have the perfect opportunity to educate your audience. You can educate with useful information about your industry, products, and business. You can teach how to know when they need to work with a company like yours.

It sends traffic to your website.

Creating content is a way to improve traffic to your website. Every time they click on a content link, it should bring them to your blog page on your website (creating a backlink). They may then spend some additional time looking at your website.

It fuels Search Engine Optimization.

Google loves content. When you create content, it makes you look legitimate in Google’s eyes. It also gives your content a greater opportunity to be seen. It’s a great way to boost your organic search.

It’s useful for engaging people on social media.

Useful content will draw more engagement on social media than a simple Tweet or post on Facebook or LinkedIn.

It lets your audience get to know you.

When you create content, your audience gets a sense of who you are and what you stand for. It definitely helps potential customers decide if you are the type of business they’d like to work with.

It can help you establish expertise.

When you create valuable content that answers your audience’s questions, you will be seen as an expert in your field. Great content will have far more impact than you just telling people how awesome you are.

And sometimes it will lead to new business.

Once in a while, someone will be so drawn to your content that it will be the reason they decide to do business with you. Not often but sometimes.

These are all the reasons we want you to keep creating content on a very regular basis.

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