Day 8 of the Business Quarantine

It’s day 8 of the Business Quarantine in Connecticut. Many business owners are tired of the tips, emails on how COVID-19 is affecting them, and everything else that goes along with it. Today, we don’t want to share a tip with you, or tell you anything else about corona virus. Today we wanted to share with you how we are managing our business during the Quarantine.  Watch this week’s episode of Duct Tape and Popsicle Sticks to hear what we had to say about this.

Things are different from the way we are used to doing things. But there are lots of things to be grateful for through this. The biggest thing this business slowdown has afforded us, and many other business owners is TIME. We now have the time we have so desperately asked for.

For E Circle Marketing, the quarantine time has shown us several things:
  1. We have had to work with each of our clients to reposition their marketing plan. Something we would have never imagined we could do in such a short period.
  2. We are taking the time to launch our new Sales tool that will help integrate and better measure your Marketing and sales efforts
  3. We aren’t alone. Everyone is going through this.
  4. People are kind
  5. Slowing down helps you see things a bit more clearly
As Business Owners, we now have time for:
  • Learning that new software that we have been sitting on.
  • That strategic plan we were going to write
  • That new product/product line that we wanted to launch
  • Contacting our clients to build a stronger bond
  • Spending time with our families
  • Training employees
  • Writing that employee manual

Another thing we can be grateful for are traffic free highways, and plenty of parking. I realize this probably wasn’t what anyone had in mind, but here it is.

Nobody wanted a pandemic, and nobody wants to see other hurt, sick, or die.  These are things we cannot do anything about.

Years ago, I added the quote to my email signature Life may not be the party we hoped for but while we are here we might as well dance.”  Who knew it would show up this way. It’s time to dance in spite of it all.

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