Do you actually help me do the work?

Often, when we are meeting with a client, we identify some things in their business that need to get done. These can be ongoing operational projects, marketing related projects, or one-off projects. Much of the time, the business owner doesn’t have the capacity, staff, or the time to do it themselves. Here’s where we can help.

Many small business owners hire us to manage these projects or solve operational challenges. They’ll know that they want to implement a strategy and will often say “can you just do it for me?”

Here’s just a few of the types of projects we’ve worked on:

– Creation and implementation of strategic plans

– Implementation of social media campaigns

– Creating a marketing plan

– Vetting and interviewing potential employees

– Management of large business projects, such as an online HR portal

– Business Reorganizations

– Creation of programs for nonprofits

If it’s an area that we’re not experts in, we will find the right people to solve your problem and we’ll manage the entire process. Business owners seem to love having someone they can turn to that can help them get real things accomplished.

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