Do You Need a Blog?

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“Should you have a blog?”

I was having a conversation with a business owner just the other day and the very common question, “Should I have a blog?”, came up. 5 or 6 years ago, when “inbound marketing” was a new theory, the alleged marketing gurus would tell you that, if you start a blog, people will over time start to devour your content. They’ll see you as a genius in your field and they will start to flock to you because of your brilliant writing.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is, most people will never read your content. It’s highly likely that you will never get one new customer because of your content. And it is also probably true that you’re not that great of a writer (no offense). So based on all of that, Do you need one? The answer is definitely YES!

Why you need a blog?

First and foremost, Google loves fresh content and writing a blog a couple times a month will, without a doubt, improve your search ability. When it comes to being found on the internet, a blog will be a very important aspect of that.

Second, your blog will help your potential clients through the buyer’s journey. Through your blog, you have a perfect opportunity to educate your market and establish yourself as a credible expert. You can get rid of myths about your industry. And you can answer all the questions someone might have a bout your service, your business, or your industry with your blog.

With a well written blog, you can get people to engage in a way that’s different from your website or emails. People will start to feel like you understand them and you can relate to them. It’s a great way for people to get to know you before they ever speak with you.

A good blog can also be entertaining and far more appealing than your run of the mill web copy or email blasts.

For it to be valuable, you don’t need to write a ton of words. A few hundred words is just fine. But please keep in mind that Google finds your blog more credible if it’s 300 words or more.

So if you’re asking “Do you need a blog?” the answer is, yes, without a doubt.

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