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In today’s world, it’s imperative for a business to effectively market and get found online. If you’re not doing it well, you’re missing out on a great deal of opportunity. I recently had a business owner say to me “I can’t wait for the day all this silly internet stuff ends and we can go back to the Yellow Pages and print ads”. He’s going to be waiting for a very long time. The internet is here to stay and is one of your most important marketing tools.

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It’s not easy and it takes a lot of time and dedication to get your business found online. To show you where to begin, we’ve created a process for you to follow.

Below are several of the key aspects to a successful digital marketing campaign and getting found online.

  1. Specify your exact target audience and develop your brand for them. This is vital. Even though you might believe “everybody” can be your customer, you can’t effectively market to everyone. The narrower your focus is, the better.
  2. Get to know them very well and craft all your messages to them. Let them know why you exist, who you serve, and why they should care about your business. Share “did you know’s”, testimonials, projects you’ve worked on, and anything else that answers their questions about your business. Educate them with your messaging. Don’t make it overly salesy.
  3. Create relevant content through blogs and videos. It might not always lead to direct sales, but it will help people get to know your brand.
  4. Create good video. People retain much more information from video than they do from text. Video also helps people feel like they know you and you know them.
  5. Do daily organic social media posts. Again, educate your audience and answer their questions through your social media content.
  6. Run an email campaign. Typically, we suggest 2 emails per month to your list. Use email to educate them and let them about specific things going on in your company. End with a solid call to action.
  7. Optimize your website so that you’re more easily found on Google. You may want to hire a professional for this.
  8. Potentially consider paid search, such as, Google AdWords or paid Facebook ads. Paid search can be expensive yet it’s very effective when done well.

I realize this was very brief. The goal is to simply get you thinking straight about digital marketing. And again, it’s time consuming and takes regular effort.

We’re always available for a phone call to discuss your marketing challenges and point you in the right direction.

Just for fun. We haven’t done one of these in a while, but this video shoot had us a little tongue tied.

Hope you enjoy our Get your business found online blooper video.

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