Grow your Small Business Episode 161 – Making Sense of Marketing

Hi Everyone, one of the most common things our clients have challenges with is marketing.  Everyone says they want better marketing for their insurance agency.  But do they even know what that means?

This week, we’re starting a multi part series around marketing.  We can help you start to make some sense of what marketing activities you should be engaged in, your message, your target audience, everything that goes along with your overall marketing strategy.

Today’s show is a “30,000 foot” view of how to approach your marketing.  We’re discussing a plan, strategy, objectives, audience, message, and a few other things we want you to start thinking about before you start any new marketing activities.

This week’s show is the first step in getting a whole new perspective on marketing.  Enjoy!

It’s finally Here!

7 Steps to a Better New Client Acquisition Strategy

Course 7 steps smallOur last few episodes have been all about new client acquisition (marketing).  The response has been great, but left people asking for more.  In fact, getting new clients is  the number 1 topic our clients ask about.

This has led us to launch the program 7 Steps to a Better New Client Acquisition Strategy

Is a better strategy for getting new clients part of your goals this year?

If so,  7 Steps to a Better New Client Acquisition Strategy is ready for you to take advantage of.

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