Grow your Small Business Episode 166 – How Outside Counsel Can Lead to Business Growth

Hi Everyone, today we’re discussing something that we’ve seen come up over and over for business owners and insurance agents.  It’s the reluctance to ask for help.  We understand; sometimes pride and ego get in the way.  Sometimes we don’t know what help to ask for.  Sometimes we don’t know who to ask.  And sometimes there are other psychological reasons that prevent from seeking assistance.

Today’s show is here for you to understand that sometimes good outside counsel can be one of your greatest ways to grow your business.  Today we’ll help you understand what’s stopped you from seeking the right counsel, when and why you should seek help, and who you should seek help from.

The insurance agents and other business owners who are performing at their best most definitely seek good counsel.

This is an episode you’re not going to want to miss!  It could change your business.

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