Grow your Small Business Episode 156 – Goal Setting Is A Trap!


Hi Everyone, important and enjoyable show for you this week. Despite everything you’ve ever been taught in any kind of insurance sales training, goal setting, for the most part, is an absolute trap.

We’re going to share the story of 2 businesses (one’s an insurance agency) that believed the hype of the “big hairy audacious goals” and one has never recovered. You’ll hear how we transformed The Entrepreneur Circle once we got away from goal setting and engaged in the more important behaviors you’ll hear about in this episode.

You’ll hear about why setting big lofty goals is harmful to you and your insurance agency and what you should be doing instead.

We promise, this episode of Grow Your Insurance Agency will be a major piece in helping your agency explode!

By the way, did you know that The Entrepreneur Circle’s coaching programs help insurance agents solve their biggest problems and grow their businesses by 35% per year?

We’d love to offer you our complimentary Agency Blueprint Assessment and 1 hour personal coaching session. We work virtually too!


Thanks for listening!

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