Grow your Small Business Episode 157 – Quit Trying to Convert the Non Believers!

Hi Everyone, very useful and enjoyable show for you this week. Time and time again, we have seen insurance agents try to convert the non-believers, those people that never have any intention of buying from you. Think about how much time and effort you’ve spent trying to convert the unconvertible. It’s frustrating and pointless.

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Sometimes we believe in our product or service so much that we forget that not everybody is going to buy in, even when it’s in their best interest. You might know in your heart that you can offer them a valuable insurance policy. But the customer doesn’t always see our value. We spend too much of our time explaining ourselves and trying to get others to see our value. Instead, we need to spend our time and effort finding more people who already believe what WE believe.

This week, we’re offering you a much better way to accelerate your sales and find lasting, loyal customers. You no longer need to try to get the whole world to see things your way. In the world of insurance and financial services, the better you become at finding true believers, the faster you will grow your agency. Enjoy!

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