Grow your Small Business Episode 159 – Using Language and Communication to Grow Your Business”

Hi everyone, this week we’re sharing a couple of stories of how language and communication can grow a business or can tear a business down and cause chaos. How are YOU using language?

We’re discussing a practice known as Generative Language, which simply means the practice of intentional speaking and listening. We normally communicate in a reactionary, dismissive, or unproductive way with ourselves and others. This week, you’ll learn how we construct our world through the use of language. You’ll learn how problems are created and solved through language. And you’ll learn how using requests, promises, and agreements along with responsibility and commitment will transform your agency.

We aren’t always conscious of our communication style and the language we use. But if you’ll make a few simple changes in way you use language and communication, you’ll see that it can have a dramatic impact on the performance of your insurance agency.

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