Have sales slowed down in your business?

Have sales slowed down in your business?

We’ve heard from many business owners over the past 2 months during this pandemic. A lot of them have told us:

  • They’re not generating new prospects
  • Sales have slowed down
  • Seems like people are not buying right now
  • They’re not hitting the numbers they projected for 2020
  • Selling right now feels pushy or insensitive
  • But people are buying! In some cases, they’re actively looking for things to buy.

We can show you the path to creating 20% growth in your company using assets you already have! It can be done without:

  1. Having to spend money on paid advertising
  2. Risk
  3. Any extra staff
  4. Or waiting forever for it to work

This program isn’t for everyone. But if you’ve seen a slow down in sales or new prospects over the past couple of months, e Circle Marketing can help you regain growth in your company.

Contact us today. We’ll take you through a no obligation process to help you determine the best ways to start generating a new flow of prospects for your business.
At e Circle Marketing, better marketing starts here.


If sales have slowed down in your business,  we can help you Generate Prospects

Our Business Development tool…

Is an end to end process for generating new business in a shorter period of time. The M Squared Business Development Process bridges the gap between sales and marketing and accelerates demand generation

The process isolates the variables that aren’t working and takes the guess work out of business development

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