How did you get started working with business owners?

We started because we owned a medical imaging business, and had questions. We belonged to a group that provided an informal board of mentors that helped with the everyday issues. Later we purchased that company and after asking other business owners the question “What are you looking for that you are currently not finding?” They answered “A place where I can talk about how things are really going, and get answers”.

We evolved as our customers needs evolved. When we noticed they needed something we added it to our list of offerings.

We started by offering Peer Advisory Boards to business owners. The community needed a place to talk about what what really going on in their business. The groups led to individual business Coaching (one on one), which led to Team coaching (Working with the staff of the business).

We found that more often than not, business owners were coming to us to help them with their own marketing. We also found that our own quest to understand marketing and how to create effective compelling campaigns was an area we became quite proficient in over the years. We evolved again and now focus almost all of our efforts with clients on helping them market themselves.


Our product line has evolved into offering

Peer Advisory Boards Business

Coaching (one on one)

Team coaching (Working with the staff of the business)


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