How Often Should I post on Social Media

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“How Often Should I post on Social Media?” is something many business owners are concerned about.

Business owners are usually alarmed when we tell them that they should post something every day on Social Media.

They ask…

– Will people get sick of seeing my posts?

– Will some posts seem repetitive?

If the posts are relevant and educational, don’t worry about posting daily.

Consider these points.

  1. Do you get offended when you see the same TV commercial? Or hear the same radio ad?
  2. Can you remember all the ads and posts you saw today?
  3. How often do you call or act the first time you see a post or ad?

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you see it 80% of people will miss 80% of what you are posting. Posting often will increase the chances of someone seeing your post and taking an action. On the other hand, Google is always watching. Every time you make a post and include a link back to your website, Google will give you credit for a back-link, and move you higher in your searchability. So even if you don’t think anyone is seeing it, you are helping your website ranking. And, posting to social media often will reinforce that you are an authority in your field.

Another concern business owners have regarding posting to social media is getting enough likes and comments. People do notice your posts, even if they don’t “like” it. How often do you like or comment on something? Sometimes we take social media breaks, and scroll through our feed, we make like something, but don’t have the time to comment or “like” the post. Your job as the marketer is to make sure there is something for someone to see every time your potential customer takes one of their social media breaks.

Typically, once someone gets their head around posting daily to social media, the next concerns are usually what to post, and having enough content to post.

Most often, this concern is quelled when we explain the different types of posts.

Below is a list of things you can post to social media.

Did you knows: Showcases little nuggets of information that tell your customers about what your product can do to help solve their problem.

Testimonials: Provide social proof, trust, and can demonstrate that you successfully solved a problem for someone “like them”

FAQ’s: Answer the questions your potential customer worries about.

Case studies/Things that you are working on. Showcases how you solve “their issue”, your area of coverage and the diversity of what you do.

Problem we solved/Problems averted: show expertise, trust

Re-purpose articles and videos that point to your site and are appropriate for your audience


  • Of your product
  • A job you are working on
  • Completed job
  • Working with a client

Charity/community work


Posting to social media has many benefits

  • Increases visibility
  • Helps with Search ranking
  • Demonstrates expertise
  • Educates your future customers

Take the time to post often, and don’t worry about who is getting annoyed.

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