How to Host a Video conference

How to host a video conference. Step by step instructions for setting up a zoom account

Over the years we have all had to become tech savvy, and learn new tools.  Some of us are technology natives (Under 40), and some of us are technology immigrants (over 40).  As a fellow technology immigrant, I understand how daunting new technology can be. Many of us have been invited to participate in video conferencing.  Seemed weird at first, but then you were relieved when you clicked the link and there you were in the meeting room.  This was a great first step.

Now with social distancing, and quarantine, we may have to be the ones to host a video conference. I know, the thought seems daunting, and you have no idea where to start, or how to do this. I know this, because I have the pleasure of not only being a technology immigrant, but I work with some.  For many of us, this is going to be the way we conduct meetings for the unforeseeable future.

In my many phone and video meetings with clients over that last couple weeks, this topic has come up.

As you can image there is resistance from some.  As a result, I promised I would create a document to walk them through the process of how to host a video conference.  While I was creating the document it occurred to me that others may have the same question, and may either be afraid to ask, or not know who to ask about it.  I decided that I would publish the document for anyone who wanted the info. Below is a link to the PDF I created.  It provides step by step instructions on creating a Zoom account (which will allow you to host a video conference).  Zoom is a free software.  There is a paid version, but most folks can get by using the free version.

Click this link to access the PDF  How to Host a Video Conference with Zoom

I hope this is helpful to those that are in need of this information at this time.

Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions

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