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Watch our video from our Duct Tape and Popsicle Sticks video series: Improve Your Marketing Results by Understanding Your Ideal Client

Very often with a new client, they will have a lot of questions about the marketing “tactics” we will be using to promote their business. “Should we do Facebook ads?” “Should we do an email campaign?” “Do we need more video?” “Why is nobody responding to my social media posts?”

These are all important questions, of course. However, to improve Your Marketing Results you need to Understand your Ideal Client first. Even if you think you already know the answer. You need to specifically and clearly understand who your ideal client is. We refer to them as your “avatar”. In our experience, this is something most often overlooked by new and mature businesses.

It sounds so simple. Yet when we take people through this exercise, they are often surprised to learn that they were communicating with the wrong audience.

We’re asking you to completely and thoroughly understand who your ideal client is and why. I don’t mean the fairy tale version of who you believe SHOULD be your client. But who, actually, is your avatar?

A good place to start is with who’s already doing business with you.

  • Who are your best clients?
  • What makes them your best clients?
  • Ask them why they continue to do business with you?

Sometimes it’s an entirely different reason than you think. So as you’re considering your avatar, make sure they look like, sound like, and act like the people who are most likely to do business with you.

Don’t make any assumptions about what drives or motivates them. Make sure you understand their:

  • Desires
  • Goals
  • Fears
  • Challenges
  • Mindset

When describing your perfect client, avoid using descriptions like joy, satisfaction, peace of mind, limiting beliefs, or any other cliché language like that. We all want joy and satisfaction, don’t we? Instead, consider the following questions:

  • What problems do I solve?
  • How do those problems manifest in real life?
  • Why is this a common problem for my clients?
  • What makes them look for help in solving the problem?

Also consider who:

  • You love to work with?
  • You’re best positioned to help?
  • Is able/willing to pay you?

Before you enact any marketing strategy (marketing plan), be crystal clear on your ideal client. You’ll set yourself up for optimal results.

Avatar Exercise

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