Insurance agency owner generate $170,000 in one month using a very simple idea

Here’s how we helped an insurance agency owner generate $170,000 in one month using a very simple idea.

We have a client who would often feel frustrated when one of his customers would say to him “I didn’t know you did that”.  It was even worse when they would say that after they had already purchased the product from another vendor.  He said that all his products and services are in their client packets and that he always asks them if there is anything else he can be helping them with.  Typically the answer is “no”.

We worked with him to create a simple video where he is seated at his desk just talking about his various products and services, as well as sharing stories, situations, and outcomes where each of his products was applicable.  It was very low key and conversational.  It wasn’t flashy and full of flowery language.

He installed a monitor in his lobby.  Whenever clients are coming in, he makes sure that the video is playing.  Customers get to watch this video and hear about how the other products might apply to them.

What happened next…after seeing the video, clients started asking him if he could get the same results for them.  That’s all it took.  He generated $170,000 in new revenue in the first month.

Sometimes a great business growth idea doesn’t have to be complicated.  It just has to be effective.  What are some simple solutions for your business?

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