It’s Still OK to Sell to People During COVID-19

We’ve had several conversations lately with business owners who are concerned about marketing and selling. They’re not just concerned that business has slowed down because of Covid-19. There’s a strange notion that many business owners have that it’s not ok to sell under current conditions. Some feel like it might be crass or offensive to be proactively selling. We’ve heard things like “I don’t want to be too salesy” or “I don’t want to come off as too forward.”

Watch this week’s episode of Duct Tape and Popsicle Sticks “It’s Still OK to Sell to People During COVID-19”.

There’s no reason to be too “salesy” or obnoxious.

But that certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be directly communicating with and selling to your marketplace. It’s Still OK to Sell to People; Restaurants are still selling. Liquor stores are still selling. Netflix and Apple Music are selling for sure.

People still need products and services and they’re counting on you to provide them. I know it feels like the world has shut down but that’s not entirely true. It’s changed for sure. Things are not easy for a business owner currently. But this means you should be communicating/selling more, not less. If people aren’t in a position to buy, they won’t. Those that are will still buy. We’re not pretending that everything is awesome and there are millions of people out there waiting to buy from you. But the point is that, there are still people buying and there are still people that need things. You’re not being offensive or crass; it’s still OK to sell to people during COVID-19.

Show your target market how you can immediately solve a problem or fill a need that they have. But the only way to do that is to market and sell to them. We’ve said this many times before but selling isn’t trying to trick people into something they don’t need. Selling is communicating to people how your product or service can take care of a pain they’re feeling.

Another reason to keep marketing and selling to your target audience right now is to be the company they think of when everything returns back to normal.

Our simple message for you today…don’t quit selling!

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