Jessica’s color room salon faces an ongoing challenge of standing out in a crowded industry.

Jessica’s Color Room is a locally-owned and operated beauty salon in Middletown, Connecticut.


Jessica Dudley, owner of Jessica’s Color Room came to E Circle Marketing to help her increase traffic into the salon. She was not getting the responses from her marketing communication on her website and social media.


  • We brainstormed and developed a message to engage her ideal client
  • We helped her create memberships and packages that would incentivize a client to continue to book with her salon
  • We helped redesign her website for a more interactive and modern user experience
  • We coached her on a social media strategy that would draw traffic.
  • Managed the Google my business page and updates
  • We manage their email marketing and blog
  • We wrote a press release regarding a program she was offering to first responders during the Covid pandemic. The press release caused her to be interviewed on NBC CT, Fox 61, WFSB, WPLR, and was a guest on the Kelly Ripa show.


Once we implemented the changes, Jessica’s Color Room Salon saw an increase in traffic and bookings. By crafting the correct messaging and sending out responsive emails, Jessica saw an increase of 3-5 bookings per email. The Salon’s Google My Business page generates multiple calls every week. And she sold over 30 membership packages immediately after the program was launched. Overall, the number of customers to Jessica’s Color Room has increased significantly.


Maria and Michael are such a huge asset to our marketing!! Even during the pandemic they kept my company in the spotlight with such creative ideas on what we can do during the shut down. Even though my business was bringing in no income, I needed to keep them for their marketing ideas. They helped so much keep me focused on working on the things the business needs for when we do open again! Read more…

Jessica Dudley

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