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One of our clients nicknamed us a “blue collar marketing agency”. I was kind of flattered by that. What she means is, we’re just a no-nonsense, get your message out in the best ways possible, engage with people that may become clients, sort of agency. We’re not going to win any awards for our amazing ad designs. We’re not going to ever try to baffle people with flowery language and hocus pocus. We’re simply going to help you communicate with, engage with, and influence your target audience to potentially want to do business with you. I’m not writing this to tell you how awesome we are. I’m just using our story as part of the purpose of today’s article.

Too many businesses try to get too clever, too profound, and too fancy with their marketing messages. They are so eager to stand out that they will try a number of gimmicky things that never ultimately producing any results. We had one person tell us that they’d love to have a really creative agency come up with an idea for a “really funny video where we hire B-list celebrity actors to endorse our product”. This is real. While for some small percentage of businesses, a funny video might be an influential marketing piece, for most it would be an absolute waste of time and money. We’re not saying you can’t be creative and unique. What we are saying is that you first must simply understand the messages that resonate clearly.

Don’t over complicate messaging.

Communicate in a straight forward way that your audience will understand. Keep in mind that you’ll generally only have their attention for a few seconds. Don’t confuse them or be vague. Get to your point in a clear way that will resonate with them.

As succinctly as you can, leave them with the image and impression you want them to have about your business.

Don’t force anyone to have to interpret what you’re saying or think about your message. Be concise. Be clear. Be bold. Don’t make them guess or assume that they will spend time trying to interpret your messaging. If they don’t find what they are looking for immediately, they will leave and go to another website or social page.

Finally, when you write any sort of copy, go back through and edit it down to its most basic essence. As we’ve said many times before, if you don’t clearly understand the messaging that your target audience needs, all of your tactics will be fruitless.

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