“Likes” Don’t Matter

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“Likes” Don’t Matter”

Quite often, our clients get quite concerned about how many “likes” they’re getting on their social media posts. Whether it’s likes or followers, we can get very wrapped up with concern about why we’re not receiving more of them. We believe that likes is the wrong thing to be focused on as a small business owner.

Look at it this way, you could do everything you could to scrounge up 1000 likes for your social media post. Realistically, only 100 of them will actually care about the content you put out. Out of the 100, only 10 or so will actually engage with you. There’s now 990 other people just floating out there, not really doing anything to help your brand. Therefore, getting more likes does not necessarily translate to making more money.

Rather than looking at likes, you should focus all of your energy on making sure that the content you create resonates with your ideal client, or as we call them, your avatar. So here are a few ways to get the most value from your social content:

Only create content that is specifically aimed at your target audience.
  • Rather than creating content (ie, a cat video) that is aimed at getting as many likes as possible, create content that will resonate with your target audience. Period. If you are connecting with your target audience, you are most definitely headed in the right direction with content.
Remember…people don’t often visibly engage.
  • There may be plenty of people who are finding value in your content that you’ll never know about. Most people won’t stop to take the time to like or comment, even if they are finding value in it. Don’t be discouraged. You’re likely reaching more people than you think.
Even if your current audience is tiny, keep them stimulated with frequent and useful content.
  • Don’t worry if you even only have 5 loyal fans at the moment. Keep creating content that is going to be useful for them. Be patient. Don’t be discouraged if your content is reaching a million people. Keep striving and it will eventually grow. But consistency is key.
Once again…only create content that is designed for your target audience.
  • It is a point worth making twice. You’ll never create content that resonates with everyone. It’s simply not possible. Don’t worry about anyone other than your avatar.

With this approach to your content marketing, you’ll be utilizing content marketing much more efficiently.

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