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M-Squared LinkedIn Business Development Process

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We’ve been able to help companies extract 20%+ of additional revenue from using assets they already have (even in today’s market).


  • Having to spend money on paid advertising
  • Minimal risk
  • Any extra staff
  • Waiting forever to make it work. You can start seeing this revenue almost immediately.

Have you been wondering how to use LinkedIn to generate leads (new business)?

We have developed an end to end process for generating leads with LinkedIn in a shorter period of time. The M-Squared LinkedIn Business Development Process bridges the gap between sales and marketing and accelerates demand generation.

The process isolates the variables that aren’t working and takes the guess work out of business development.

Our process establishes metrics for every aspect of business development.

  • Cost per sale
  • Length of sales cycle
  • Breakdowns in your sales process
  • Can be used to make accurate predictions
  • Solve the lack of clarity on how to get new clients
  • Troubleshooting

With the M Squared LinkedIn Business Development Process, we will:

  • Help you clearly define who you target audience is for a specific product of service
  • Will help you define their distinct pain points
  • Help you come up with a compelling offer that matches your prospect’s specific pain
  • Create various messaging for each offer
  • Decide best ways to get the message out
  • Measure and monitor progress weekly
  • Tweak as needed

E Circle Marketing is a full-service marketing and business development agency located in Manchester, CT

We’ll work with you to put together a strategy to make LinkedIn lead generation an important piece of your marketing strategy.

Contact us today to learn how to implement a useful Business Development system.

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