Making Sense of Marketing

Are you a small business owner who needs more website traffic, more online visibility, and more customers?

Marketing done right changes everything! Today, it can be very difficult to break through the noise and the clutter of marketing, whether it’s social media, your website, email, or the other ways you’ve been trying to get your target market engaged.

If you’ve tried different marketing tactics but have not had the return you wanted, come to a Making Sense of Marketing session.

For only $99, this 2-hour session will help you make sense of marketing. Contact us today to schedule your in person or virtual session.


We’ve seen it for years as other marketing agencies arrive with promises, flash and glitter. We’re down to earth and understand what most agency employees don’t… Business owners don’t want better marketing. They want more customers.

During our Making Sense of Marketing session, you will:

  • Identify Your Website Needs
  • Review Your Social Media Marketing Gaps
  • Confirm your paid marketing efforts
  • Identify the value of Networking & Referrals
  • Provide Email Marketing options
  • Review the use of Blogs, Videos & Testimonials
  • Confirm the ROI of Customer Reviews
  • Look into Your Google My Business Page
  • Reveal myths about social media and other marketing

For Example...

Once engaged, E Circle Marketing implemented steps for Jessica’s Color Room Salon. Following our efforts, Jessica’s saw an increase in traffic and bookings. By crafting the correct messaging and sending out responsive emails, an increase of 3-5 bookings per email was experienced. The Salon’s Google My Business page generates multiple calls every week, and she sold over 30 membership packages immediately after the program was launched. Overall, the number of customers to Jessica’s Color Room has increased significantly.


We understand that marketing, along with growing business revenue can be a real challenge. You’ll wrap up this session with a complete Marketing Action Guide, outlining the marketing efforts you could enact to start driving more engagement and potential customers.

For only $99 we will evaluate every aspect of your current marketing efforts. You’ll be left with a clear understanding of how to proceed and how you could take your business development to an entirely new level.

Making Sense of Marketing will demystify marketing for you. Your complete Marketing Action Guide will offer you a clear path to better marketing results. Only $99!

Sessions can be done virtually or in person!