Marketing Does Not Replace Selling

Marketing Does Not Replace Selling, watch this week’s Duct Tape and Popsicle Sticks video to find out what we had to say about this.

There’s a common problem we see far too often among business owners. I’m going to use a client as an example. For this client, we’ve employed several different marketing tactics to fit his marketing strategy. Over time, these tactics have started to yield measurable results. His company has had more inbound inquiries over the past 3 months than they’ve ever had in their entire existence. The problem is, none of the leads are being followed up with. He doesn’t have a designated salesperson. The owner is the salesperson, as well as the person that manages the entire staff, manages projects, deals with clients, and a host of other things. The leads are falling through the cracks, which almost makes the marketing a waste of time. We’ve seen this with many other businesses too. How many times have you called a plumber only to never get a return call? I have a friend who was trying to find someone to rebuild his deck and nobody was returning calls. This is not a formula for a successful business. We can’t fall back on the old “I’m too busy” excuse. We need to find a way to conduct selling activities. It’s as important as any other function in your business.

We understand that most people don’t love to sell. But not having a way to follow up with leads and create new customers is a big mistake if you want growth.

When you’re planning marketing, plan sales.

Marketing and sales are no longer separate silos. They co-exist. So, when you’re working on your marketing plan, whether with outside help or not, have a sales plan to go along with it. One does not replace the other. Someone in your organization must prioritize selling and make sure that sales are not being ignored.

Remember that marketing does not close deals.

Potential customers still often need someone to answer their questions, to provide guidance, to make them feel confident and reassured. This is not a function of marketing. It’s a function of selling.

Put sales time in your calendar as a strict appointment you keep.

Too often, people treat selling like an “I’ll get to it when I can” type of activity. This is a big mistake. Put it in your calendar and don’t move it for anything. Make selling an integral part of your daily life. If you truly can’t do it, then it’s time to either hire someone or outsource the sales process.

Please remember that it’s your responsibility to sell.

Your business is counting on you to both generate leads and generate sales. It’s the owner’s responsibility to see to it that it’s happening. Like I said above, if you can’t do it yourself, I strongly urge you to find another way to get it done. You could hire an employee or outsource. We can discuss that in another article.

Marketing does not replace selling.

Marketing attracts prospects, selling makes them customers.

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