Marketing is a bunch of crap

Marketing is a Bunch of Crap

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I wonder if you’ll be able to relate to this story. You own or run a business and want to grow your organization. So, you start trying things. Maybe you get your website updated. Somebody convinced you that you should be posting on social media. So you have someone in your company who occasionally posts things. In some cases, someone sold you some advertising, whether it was paid search, re-targeting, print, radio, or TV. You’re trying a lot of things but getting no results. Nobody is responding to anything you do from a marketing standpoint and you feel frustrated that you’ve spent a fair amount of money to get zero results.

We’ve heard this many times over our 18 marketing career. We’ll hear things like; “marketing is nothing but smoke & mirrors”, “it’s just pixie dust”, or “marketing is nothing but a bunch of crap”. Often, this is followed by “I’ve tried a ton of different things that haven’t worked.”

This is a very common story where people can get thoroughly stuck in the weeds. Business owners will be quick to blame marketers and marketing when their business is not growing as fast as they want. Therefore, their experience with marketing can be quite negative.

So…what is it that gives people an experience that makes them believe marketing is a bunch of crap?

Most businesses go into marketing without a plan or strategy.

They will have a haphazard approach and just “try stuff”. They’ll be sold an idea or some advertising of some sort without having created a cohesive, strategic marketing plan, based on real data. There is no “system” to their marketing. Marketing often boils down to math. But without something to measure against, it can be a guessing game.

Most businesses are not consistent with their marketing.

They may try different things at different points in time. We’ve often heard people say “Yeah, we should be doing a lot more with LinkedIn” or “we haven’t been very good about sending emails to our clients and prospects”. For marketing to work, there needs to be consistency.

People don’t give marketing enough time.

Getting results from marketing is not an overnight process. It’s kind of like physical fitness. You’re never done. It needs to happen all the time.

As strange as this sounds, a huge problem is that businesses don’t understand their target audience. They believe they do. However, experience shows us that many businesses assume that they understand their customer and their buying habits, they usually don’t. It’s crucial that you understand who your avatar is. Without it, your messaging will never be effective. Without understanding your audience at a deep level, the marketing “tactics” you use are highly unlikely to produce meaningful results.

Finally, one of the main reasons that “marketing is a bunch of crap” is that many business owners don’t give marketing enough credibility. It’s often treated as a bother, rather that one of the most vital aspects of their company. We’ve heard it described as an expense. It’s a subject many business owners don’t understand, which makes it easy to dismiss.

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