Get clarity on how to get new customers/clients

Social media campaigns that work

We handle your marketing, so you don't have to

Business owners don’t want better marketing. They want more customers.

  • Our team of experts can solve all your marketing needs and challenges.
  • Most small and medium sized businesses are simply not getting the return they want from their marketing efforts.
  • Most business owners don’t have the time, interest, personnel, or resources to do marketing in house.
  • Many will pay a lot of money to consultants in social media, advertising, brochures, websites, etc. without any defined marketing strategy.
  • The E Circle process is perfect for helping you tell your story, increase your visibility on the internet, and grow your business.
  • We take the time to understand you, your business, and most importantly, your target audience.
  • E Circle Marketing will help you:
    • Craft the perfect message that will resonate with your target audience
    • Decide the best ways of getting your message to them
    • Create and implement all the pieces of your marketing campaign
    • Manage the entire process for you
    • Keep it simple, transparent, and manageable
    • Track results and make any necessary changes

We have the knowledge, understanding, and experience to help you transform your marketing efforts into a predictable, revenue generating, vital piece of your business.

Marketing Goals

We help you get clear on what to do

Understand your Customer

Knowing what your customer wants help to reach them

Create the Plan

The Plan is the map to get to your destination

Execute your Plan

The key element to success in marketing

Manage your Marketing

We make sure it all gets done, so you don't have to worry abput it

Did you know...

According to small Business Trends

14 percent of businesses fail due to Poor marketing
14 percent of businesses fail due to Ignoring customers
19 percent of businesses fail due to competition

Our strategy

Helps you stay front of mind
Reach your target audience
Helps Keep your audience informed