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Watch our video from our Duct Tape and Popsicle Sticks video series on 6 Things You Already Know About Marketing your business.

Sometimes business owners can tend to over complicate marketing. Today, you have unlimited “tactics” for delivering your message. Whether it’s networking, email, SEO, social media, direct mail, or even cold calling, you are always marketing your business. It can be confusing and daunting to a lot of people. You often wonder what the best methods are for you to market your business.

For today, we’re not going to discuss any specific tactics. We cover a lot of tactics in our videos. The goal of this article is to make marketing a bit less complicated and to help you recognize a few things that you probably already know. But when you keep these in mind, the most appropriate tactics will present themselves.

So here are 6 things that you already know about marketing your business:

Providing an amazing experience is the best form of marketing.

All of the best marketing in the world will never out way providing an incredible experience to your customers, regardless of the industry you’re in. If your primary focus is on customer service, you are already ahead of the game with marketing.

First impressions and likability still matter – in person or online.

Whatever marketing tactics you may be engaging, an important aspect you need to always remember is that establishing trust should be your biggest goal when it comes to marketing. People need to believe you and find you credible before they will ever do business with you.

The right message to the right audience should be your primary marketing mission, no matter how it’s delivered.

If you don’t have a compelling message that causes your target audience to take action, the methods you use to deliver it are irrelevant. Before you get caught up in the tactics of marketing, make sure that you start with creating the right message for the right audience.

Consistency matters a lot.

Marketing is not something you can do on occasion or just when you have extra time. For your marketing to cause your audience to act, you must be communicating with them on a regular basis across multiple channels.

Provide value through your marketing – educate inform and entertain.

Your marketing message can’t be some form of “we’re great, buy our s%&t”. You should strive to be the source of information for your potential clients. Answer their questions. Enlighten them. Make them feel comfortable with you.

Measure – new sales, inquires, likes, revenue, etc

It can be very tempting to try a bunch of “stuff” when it comes to marketing. You need to pay attention to what’s working, what isn’t, and what needs to be changed. Otherwise, you will find yourself spending a bunch of time on things that are not yielding results.

Let these 6 things that you already know guide you through your marketing plan.

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