Nobody Wants Your Free Offer

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A lot of marketers talk about “offers” (including us). “You need a solid offer in your email or LinkedIn campaign”, they’ll say. And often it’s true. A great offer can cause response to your letter or ad. A marketing offer is a free product or service of value you give in exchange for people completing a call to action. An offer can be an ebook, podcast, membership benefit, coupon, trial period, checklist, guide, app or any other vehicle that provides information, service, or product at no cost to your potential leads. However, most offers don’t work. They mostly don’t work because users know that your free offer is nothing more than a ploy to get their information so you can keep trying to sell them. Once in awhile they work if you happen to be catching someone at just the right time. Moreover, offers are often too vague or too simple. They aren’t compelling enough to get someone to click and give you their precious information. All that being said, offers can and do work.

Here are a few ways you can make your marketing offers more appealing.

  • Know your audience. Are they the type of people who respond to marketing offers or do they respond to something else?
  • The best offer might be no offer at all. We work with a lot of residential contractors. They aren’t interested in an ebook or podcast. They primarily just want to find someone who can fix their marketing issues.
  • A lower priced, valuable product – Often, a lower priced, introductory product can be a great offer; something that is actually valuable, that they can use. Too many businesses’ offerings are just free junk that nobody would want.
  • Get very specific about the offer. Don’t be too vague. Give the user a real, compelling reason to take you up on your offer.
  • Make it personal. A great way to make an offer personal is to offer a consultation with you. It needs to be sincere and not a sales ply. Truly give of yourself and people will take notice.

We’re always here to talk to you about your marketing. And no, it’s not just a sales ploy. We really love marketing and enjoy when we can simply help someone solve a problem.

If you’re consistent and pay close attention to results, you can use “offers” to help you grow your business.

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