Think “Offline to Online” when Marketing

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To Get The Best Results From Marketing, Think “Offline to Online” Marketing

I recently attended a talk given by the owner of a successful jewelry store who’s been in business for many years. He was sharing his story and his thoughts on growing a business. When it came for question and answer, I got a chance to ask him about how he’s grown his business over the years. His answer didn’t surprise me at all. He said “we advertise on radio, television, print, and digitally. But at least 80% of our business comes from referral”. He stressed that all the advertising and marketing was vital but not necessarily in the way you think. Using the  “offline to online marketing” approach helped him grow his business.

He makes a very important point.

When it comes to marketing, your digital efforts make the most impact after someone has already met you or heard of you. What I mean by that is this; let’s say you meet someone at a business after hours event. What’s the very next thing you do that evening or the next day? You look them up online. Check out their website and social media. Read an article or two or watch a video. You start to learn about them online after you’ve met them offline. When someone refers a potential client to you, the first thing that prospect is going to do is look you up online.

I am by no means insinuating that your digital marketing efforts will not yield any new prospects. I am saying that your digital efforts will have far more impact when they are combined with offline efforts. Digital marketing becomes a much more powerful tool.

When you understand this concept, you’ll realize that a robust online presence is vital for the growth of your business. Some people have asked me “if most of my business is going to come from referral any, why should I do all this marketing?”

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Your marketplace expects to be able to find you on the internet
  • You will be seen as an authority
  • Shows you as an up to date business
  • Boosts your search rankings
  • You can communicate your value and knowledge
  • Most of the buyer’s journey is done before they ever have a serious sales conversation with you

As you’re working on your marketing plan, be sure to include offline efforts as part of the plan. Here are still some extremely valuable resources for offline marketing:

  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Trade shows
  • One on one meetings
  • Meetups
  • Social events
  • Associations
  • Country clubs

I’m sure there are plenty more, but you get the point.

I’ve heard many people say they hate networking, or it takes away from family time. But if there’s a simple way to considerably boost the effect of your marketing efforts, isn’t it worth doing? Without offline, physical efforts, you’re losing out.

So when you’re working on your marketing, remember the phrase “offline to online marketing”.

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