Peak Performance Episode 149 – How Frequent Reinforcement Creates Lasting Change

Hi Everyone, great show for you this week on the power of frequent practice and reinforcement and why it is much more effective for lasting change than “one and done” training.  Quite eye opening!

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***Important Please Note:  After several requests to make our show more specific to the insurance industry, we have decided to end this series. Peak Performance podcast will produce it’s final show on on October 27, 2015.

Our new Podcast Grow your Insurance Agency will begin on November 3, 2015. We will still continue to deliver useful practical information on helping you be the best version of yourself, we will just be doing shows specifically for those who are in insurance and financial services. The new series will remain on the same feed. If you are already subscribed, you don’t have to make a single change.

What our members are saying:  E Circle allows me to verbalize the stuff in my head, and provides me a forum  for others to listen to the things I am working on, and generate new ideas.  This not only keeps me accountable, but helps me figure out the things I should or should not act on.  As a result I have generated significantly more money than I have invested.  Joel Steinman, Owner Minuteman Press Hartford, Manchester, Glastonbury, & Vernon

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