Peak Performance Episode 50 – Eat Your Way to High Achievement

Hi Everyone, in this episode of Peak Performance, we discuss how vital it is to take care of your body if you want to be a peak performer.  We brought in a wellness expert, Linda Coveney of Healthy Behaviors to talk about the nutrients we should be fueling our bodies with and the poisons we should be avoiding.  You’ll be amazed at how drastically your performance can improve if you are fueling your body the right way.  Enjoy!

Eat Your Way to High Achievement

In today’s episode of Peak Performance, we had an enlightening conversation with Linda Coveney of Healthy Behaviors.  She was able to clearly show us how everything we put in our bodies alters our performance, for the better or worse.  She shared some of her personal journey of how she dramatically changed the way she ate after she was diagnosed with breast cancer and how it changed her life.

Healthy Fat for Your Brain

Linda explained how healthy doses of good fat are imperative for clarity and functionality of your brain.  Beside building a healthier brain, these fats will also help eliminate the toxins from your brain that lead to less than optimal results.

Whole Foods and Vegetables

Linda explained how we are not getting nearly enough whole foods and vegetables in our daily diets and what happens to our bodies when we don’t get enough of these types of nutrients.  She shared some of the key differences and improvements that you’ll notice when you start to add whole foods and vegetables to your diet.  She gave us plenty of tips as to what foods to add and even some enjoyable ways to eat them.  She likes to say that your dinner plate should look like a rainbow, with foods of all different colors.

Processed sugar is poison

She had some very strong words around processed sugar, referring to it as an addictive poison.  She explained exactly what it does to your body and how it affects your mental function as well.

The Bottom Line is The Bottom Line

Linda ended by explaining that we can add 40-60% more productivity to our day by changing the way we fuel our bodies.  She explained how there are certain foods that make us tired, rundown, and mentally foggy for the remainder of the day.  And there are some foods that energize us and keep us sharp throughout the day.
So go ahead and eat your way to high achievement and success.

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