Peak Performance Episode 54 – Laughter…It May Be The Best Medicine

Laughter…It May Just Be The Best Medicine

Would you like to feel good, lower your stress, increase your iq, and increase your creativity?  It’s simple, you need to laugh a lot more.  As frivolous as it may sound, many studies have shown the physical and psychological benefits of laughter.

Sometimes we might feel like we are in a very serious situation where the last thing you are thinking about is laughter.  But a number of studies, including one from Vanderbilt, show that laughter increases endorphins and dopamine, lowers pain, improves our memory, and lowers depression and anxiety.  It even improves our attractiveness to other people.
We know it’s not always easy but make laughter a daily habit.  Interrupt  your super serious pattern with some ways that you are certain will make you laugh.  It will increase your blood flow, improve your immunity, and lower your blood sugar.  Maybe you have 5 or 6 funny YouTube videos that make you laugh every time or a friend that does that for you.  But whatever it is, make time during the day to laugh.  You’ll be better at your job and will actually use your time more efficiently.

For something so simple and enjoyable, laughter has more benefits than you ever realized.  It isn’t just for kids or goofballs with nothing better to do.  Even if you don’t totally buy it yet, try it anyway.  What do you have to lose?  The worst thing that will happen is that you’ll be in a better mood.  Is that so terrible?  So laugh…we mean it…seriously.

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