Peak Performance Episode 55 – Reflect on Yesterday for a Better Tomorrow

Reflect on Yesterday for a Better Tomorrow

This is a great time to reflect back over your successes of the year.  It’s important to track and celebrate the “wins”.  When we don’t celebrate the wins, we are less likely to accomplish our new goals.  It’s important to look back over your successes and what your grateful for.  There are mental and physical reasons that doing this enhances your odds of future success.

We seemingly spend so much of our time handling crises or putting out fires or beating ourselves up that we most likely don’t take nearly enough time to reflect on our successes  and figure out how to build off of them.  The best time to pursue a new goal is after a recent win.  But if we don’t realize we’re winning, we seriously diminish our ability to accomplish goals.  It isn’t just new-agey stuff to make you feel better.  When we celebrate successes, we’re in a psychologically better frame of mind.  It puts us in a place where we are internally motivated and driven to succeed.  When we reflect on our wins, it helps to boost our level of self confidence, keeps us focused on the right things, and can even improve our relationships.

We use several different methods to celebrate successes.   Here are a few:
A gratitude journal – Keeping a journal of every aspect of your life that you are grateful for is a perfect way to get yourself into a peak performance state of mind.  By keeping a gratitude journal, you understand that, even when things seem the worst, there is always something to be grateful for.  It also helps us prevent the “woe is me” attitude.  You’ll truly see your performance increase when you keep a gratitude journal.
Write down, every day, 3 things that went well or that you did well.

Ask yourself these two questions every day:  Did I do my best at work?  Did I do my best at home?

When you celebrate the successes, you learn the recipe for your future successes.  Offer your very best every day.  You deserve it.

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