Peak Performance Episode 58 – Pay Attention to Doing the Right Thing

Sometimes it’s important to keep things simple in order for them to be usable and today’s topic definitely fits that.  We’re talking about a simple yet powerful way to be a peak performer. But it’s so simple, we often forget to do it.

What we’re talking about is the idea that we need to always pay attention to doing the right thing. If there is a habit that high achievers have that others don’t it’s paying attention to the right things.

We don’t mean just morally or ethically.

If you simply pay attention to doing the right things under as many circumstances as you can, I believe you can raise your performance to an entirely new level.

  • The right thing with your body
  • The right thing with your relationships
  • The right thing with your profession
  • The right thing with your time

It isn’t always easy.  Emotions get in the way a lot.  Our habits get in the way a lot.  But it’s so simple.  Anyone can learn the habit of consciously paying attention to doing the right thing.

There is a simple question we can ask ourselves. “Is this the right decision or behavior for the situation”? We all know right from wrong.

We can always ask ourselves “What could be a better decision instead”?

It’s how we choose to live our lives from moment to moment that shapes our bigger future.  Be aware of the consequences of your thoughts and actions.

There’s a phrase in flying airplanes; Aeronautical Decision Making – It simply means doing the right thing at the right time.  We think this is a good analogy for what we’re discussing today.

If you do the wrong thing at any time it can be a recipe for disaster. Maybe for daily living it’s not quite as drastic as that, but it can be over time.

Such choices are easy to make when conditions are obviously poor, or obviously good. In the real world, though, the situation is often less clear-cut. When conditions are marginal, the go/no-go decision has a curious
way of becoming a perfect storm of complicating factors—time, money, emotions, personal commitments,professional obligations, etc.

If you want to reach your highest levels of performance, pay attention to doing the right thing.

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