Search Engine Optimization and why it’s important

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For non-marketers, it’s likely that a lot of marketing language just sounds like “insider talk”. It might not make a lot of sense. As one client put it, “it all just sounds like smoke and mirrors”. But it’s not. One of those phrases is “search engine optimization” or SEO. You may have been hearing the phrase SEO quite a bit but still not be sure why it’s so important to your business.

We want to put SEO into simple terms that will help you understand the gravity of being found on the internet. Speaking of which, in our experience, the major problem that nearly every small business has is that they are invisible on the internet. There’s just not being found. In a nutshell, if you’re not engaged in search engine optimization, you’re missing most of your potential audience on Google.

It would be very difficult in this article to explain exactly how SEO works. In fact, algorithms are often changing. That being said, SEO is the process of boosting your search rankings in Google and other search engines. SEO will use various key words, citations, content, etc to help you organically get to page 1 in Google. It is one of the best marketing investments you will ever make. You need to find a professional with a great reputation and it’s not cheap. Moreover, it takes time.

Here are the primary reasons SEO is important to your business:

  • Greater searchability – Simply put, you will no longer be hard to find on the internet or be relegated to page 2 and beyond. Did you know that most people never look beyond page 1 when they do a Google search?
  • Organic search is the primary source of web traffic. Although we are advocates of paid search, most web traffic is organic (meaning non-paid). SEO is the best way to be found organically.
  • You’ll have more online engagement and conversions. What we mean by conversions is, more people will take that next step, click a link, download content, etc. You’ll have more people paying attention to your brand.
  • SEO speeds up the buying cycle. With proper SEO, being more easily found, with consumers having easier access to information about you, your buying cycle will be faster.
  • It’s measurable and can be tweaked! You get real results every month regarding every aspect of SEO. You can easily see what’s working and not working and make the necessary changes.
  • Bottom line…you’ll be on page 1! Page 1 adds legitimacy to your brand and will bring far more traffic to your website.

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