Selling is Just as Important as Marketing

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As a marketing agency, we stress that selling is just as important as marketing.  It’s important to have a  marketing plan, the right message to the right audience, and ways to measure your progress. However, the same holds true for sales. We’ve noticed that many businesses, even well established ones, don’t have a formal sales process, a sales plan, or effective ways to manage their sales activity.

In fact, we’ve noticed some industries (Information Technology companies being a big one) that are hoping marketing can take the place of sales altogether. In many cases, it seems that selling has been turned into something rude and gauche. You’ll hear people say things like “prescribe, don’t sell”. Or “be their trusted advisor, not a sales person”. We’ve gone from “always be selling” to “don’t sell” in a relatively short period of time.

The truth, however, is that selling is more important than ever. People rely on a good sales consultant.  And the most effective business development a company could have would be one that combines marketing and sales. Marketing and sales feed each other. Sales isn’t a dirty word and people don’t mind being sold to if it’s something they want and it brings value or pleasure to their life. If they believe in you and think you can solve their problem, it’s ok to sell.

When you’re considering business development, your sales plan is just as important as your marketing plan. You need to create a sales process, a way to track conversions, and a way to track your sales funnel. Otherwise, you’re not getting the full benefit of a robust business development plan.

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