The Senior Source was frequently frustrated that their clients only associate them with one product.

The Senior Source focuses exclusively on the needs of those in and nearing retirement age and with their specific financial needs and opportunities.


The Senior Source was having trouble generating interest in their other services. Their clients began to know them for one thing, such as Medicare planning and they were feeling frustrated that clients didn’t know about the other services. There were instances where a client would buy one product from them then they would find out that the client was buying the rest of their services elsewhere. They knew they were missing out on a great deal of potential business.


  • We initiated an email campaign to existing clients and prospects. The emails clearly out the value proposition of The Senior Source, case studies, and all of the services offered by the firm.
  • We also created a short video that would be playing in the lobby of the office while a client was waiting for their appointment. It outlined all the services offered by the firm and a few brief case studies.
  • We ghost wrote 3 books for them that they use at seminars and to give to potential customers.
  • Finally, we cleaned up their Google My Business page. It was full of misinformation, including stating that the firm was permanently closed.


  • The email campaign began to generate interest almost immediately. The campaign has a 30% open rate and generates at least one new client each time an email is sent.
  • The video produced over $200,000 in revenue in the first 6 months. It continues to generate revenue 3 years later.
  • The books have become a source of credibility and have generated dozens of new prospects.
  • His online presence is now accurate, and he is generating traffic online.
  • Overall, The Senior Source has grown by an average of 25% per year since we implemented each strategy.


John Sheerin

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