Setting Marketing Goals and Objectives

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When you are enacting a marketing campaign, before you decide on tactics and platforms, you need to know what your primary goals are for your campaign. We encourage you to approach it just like any other goals that you’ve set. One of the things that we’ve seen too many business owners do is just “try things”.

They’ll…Start making some intermittent Facebook posts, write a blog or two or go to a few networking events, and wonder why it isn’t working.


Because business owners are busy running their business, usually…

  • Don’t have a system in place to measure and monitor their progress
  • Didn’t create an integrated marketing plan based on their growth goals
  • And aren’t clear on their messaging and priorities.

Before you start with any specific tactics,

ie social media, email, search engine optimization, paid search or any other forms of marketing, it’s imperative that you critically think through your goals and objectives.

You might think, “that’s easy, I just need more customers”. While that’s definitely true, there are lots of reasons to enact a marketing strategy:

  • Increase sales
  • Increase profit
  • Grow market share
  • Launch new products or services
  • Build brand awareness
  • Open a new territory

Clearly think through what, specifically, it is you’d like to accomplish. It may be several of the things I described above.

Once you’ve decided what your marketing goals and priorities are, then identify exactly who you are trying to reach. Be as thorough with this as possible. It’s vitally important. The best strategy in the world will not yield you any results if you are not speaking to the right audience.

After you’ve identified the perfect client, then you can begin to craft the messages, posts, videos, blogs, etc that will resonate with them.

It’s only after all of this that you would finally be ready to decide on your specific marketing tactics. This way, you won’t just be trying “stuff” and hoping it works. When you follow this process, you will have a marketing system that you can monitor on a regular basis and tweak as necessary.


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