Sharing Good News Attracts Good PR

A Case Study on How to Use PR During the Era of Covid-19

Sharing Good News Attracts Good PR. During the crazy, unprecedented time that we’re all living through because of the Covid-19 crisis, business owners have been trying to find effective ways to market and let their target audience know that they are still available to serve them. We’re using a lot of social media, Zoom meetings, and email campaigns, which every business should be. Here’s a case study on how one business owner used an idea and a press release to get a huge amount of press coverage for her business. After hearing this story, you may want to consider something similar for your business.

Jessica's Color Room does laundry for first responders, E Circle Marketing Manchester CTOur client, Jessica Sassu, the owner of Jessica’s Color Room Salon in Middletown, CT, and her crew of 9 stylists are obviously not doing hair right now. Her salon is rather silent. Moreover, a lot of first responders had been telling Jessica about how dry their hair and skin was because of all the precautions they always having to take and telling her about how often they need to wash their clothes and uniforms. During one of our brainstorming sessions, we came up with an idea. She has a washer and dryer at the salon that were not currently being used for washing towels and other things. So, she decided to offer laundry services for free to first responders.

We wanted to get the word out and created a plan.

Jessica's Color Room, Laundry services for first responders, E Circle Marketing Agency Manchester CT

Besides the normal marketing channels, Social Media, and Email, we also put this out via a press release so that she could let a broad group of people know that she was doing this. We wrote a press release for her, which ultimately was put out on various platforms. Since then, the story has been covered by the Mayor of Middletown,, 2 newspapers, The Middletown Patch, and The Middletown Press). She’s been on Connecticut news twice, including NBC Connecticut, and Fox 61. The She’s also going to appear on Kelly and Ryan on April 22, 2020. One simple idea and a press release has gotten her national coverage.

Here are a few takeaways regarding press releases and public relations:

  • Is there anything you can be doing for people right now because of your excess capacity? Even if you’re doing it for free?
  • Do you have anything newsworthy to discuss? A press release can’t be at all “salesy”. If it seems even remotely like a veiled sales pitch, you will not get any coverage.
  • Submit the truth. Don’t exaggerate or make things up. Submit something useful you are doing to help people through the pandemic.
  • Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid to let the world know if you are doing something worthwhile to help people out. It’s ok if you get publicity for it.

The right publicity will do wonders for your business. Public relations should always be a part of your marketing plan. I’m not saying you’ll end up on Kelly and Ryan but even small amounts of local press coverage are quite worthwhile.

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