The Main Reasons Your Marketing Isn’t Working

During our time running a marketing agency, we’ve seen many business owners jump right into a marketing campaign without any sort of strategy or tracking. They might get a new website, do social media marketing, SEO, email, whatever it might be, but still find they are not getting the results they want. Many will then tend to blame a particular medium. People have told us “I tried Facebook ads. It was a total waste of money”. Or, “we did SEO for a while, but it was too expensive, and it didn’t drive new business”. “We bought an ad in the local paper and never got a single call”. The list goes on. While we do agree that some tactics are better than others for different types of businesses, the truth is, it’s typically a mistake to blame the medium.

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Here are the main reasons your marketing campaign is not producing results:

Working without a Marketing strategy

Too many times, a business owner will just try stuff without having put together a plan. A plan would include a detailed description of your ideal client, different specific messages for different media, an outline of the tactics that will be used, ie, social media, blogging, email, etc, an execution strategy, and regular monthly tracking and analytics

Don’t understand your ideal client 

A common mistake is to think you know who your avatar is but be mistaken. You need to clearly know who they are, how they buy, what they are looking for, and where they get their information.

Marketing Messages aren’t Convincing 

If you’re not getting an response or engagement from your target audience, your messaging is likely not compelling.

The offer is not compelling

Many times a business’s marketing message seems to be “we’re great, buy our stuff”. You need to give them a compelling reason to reach out to you or respond to a message. Make it all about them.

You aren’t tracking any of your marketing initiatives

A marketer I knew a long time ago used to say, “if it doesn’t get measured, it doesn’t exist”. It’s important to track your results against your plan. Don’t be afraid to experiment or make changes as needed. But first understand what’s working or not.

Poor sales process

Often, it’s not the marketing that is the problem. We’ve seen many businesses let leads fall through the cracks or not have a thorough process that leads to a sale.

Your product or service needs to be improved

Always examine the quality of your product. Don’t be vain or stubborn. If people aren’t completely thrilled with you, you need to understand why. Always look to improve every component of what you do.

If you work on these 7 things, your marketing will dramatically improve. We are always available for a free 90 minute consultation if you’d like to discuss your marketing plan.  Contact us to schedule a time.

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