The Marketing Mindset

It’s time to discuss the Marketing Mindset. Since Covid-19 has made such an impact on business, small businesses especially, we’ve heard several business owners express reluctance to market and sell. The idea being that so many businesses and individuals are struggling that it feels weird to ask them to buy something. A few businesses we’ve spoken to feel guilty about marketing their products and services. While we certainly understand feeling empathy toward those who are struggling, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be educating your target audience about how you can help them.

Watch our Duct Tape and Popsicle Sticks video “The Marketing Mindset”, to find out what we had to say about this.

There are people and businesses who still need/want to buy things.

There are still plenty of businesses operating and individuals working that are still in the market for various things. Not everyone has stopped buying. Therefore, if you have a product or service that provides value to people, they need to know about it. There’s nothing to feel funny about as long as you are providing real value.
If you’re telling the truth about your services, let people decide for themselves if they want it and can afford it. You shouldn’t make that decision for them.

For certain products, this is a great time for business.

There are several products that are absolutely booming right now, ie, campers, pets, grills, and swimming pools, just to name a few. Perhaps your product or service is something that could sell very well under the current conditions.
And finally, when your business thrives, it helps others. If you provide a valuable product or service, you’ll be helping others. Moreover, if you’re doing well, you’ll be buying goods and services for your business, which will also help others.
Please don’t be reluctant to let the world know about your business. It may be more important than ever.

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