The Reason Your Content Isn’t Getting Engagement

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I’ve had a long-time friend who’s an estate planning attorney. He’s a good guy and a very good lawyer. He also puts out a lot of content on social media, primarily LinkedIn and Twitter. Like so many small business owner’s content, it’s been very specific “how to’s”, such as, “when to consider selling property for estate planning purposes”. This is very valuable information, but it doesn’t necessarily help him gain new clients.

Let me explain…

A long time ago, we posted a video on “how to upload a video to YouTube”. Trust me, since I wrote it, it was an amazing video and article and full of tons of great information (sarcasm intended). My very smart partner, Maria, pointed out later that our prospects don’t want to know that. What they really want to know is that they can hire a marketing agency to do that for them. They want videos on YouTube AND don’t want to do it themselves. That was an important distinction.

When you are putting out content on social media, your prospects don’t want to know how to do it themselves. They want to know how you can help them. We at E Circle Marketing are huge proponents of useful content. But most of the time, people mistake useful content for something that will be totally ignored. Most blog posts get less than 100 readers. We are too inundated with information to pay attention to most things we see. However, when we have a problem, we are seeking someone who can solve that problem.

Use your content to show why you are a worthy guide and can solve their problem. Someone dealing with an elderly parent doesn’t necessarily want to know when to sell the house or not sell the house. Yes, they may want that information but in the bigger picture, they want someone who can help them solve the problem.

Create content that answers their questions. Create content that shows them how to work with you and your industry. Become their worthy guide.

As a marketing agency, we’ve simply learned how to become a worthy guide for our clients. With your content, do the same for your clients and you’ll have a far bigger impact.

In a nutshell

  • Spend more time answering their questions about what you do.
  • Share information and show your expertise
  • Rather than specific topics/tactics, focus your content on answering questions about your industry.

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