The Way You Need to Look at Marketing

The Way You Need to Look at Marketing

The Way You Need to Look at Marketing

In this week’s show we discuss how a business owner needs to look at their marketing efforts in 2019.
First and foremost it’s very important to look at marketing as an integrated effort. You are competing for very limited attention.

Some people will say, “my Facebook posts aren’t getting me anything”.  Or, I’ve been posting on social media for 3 months, and I haven’t gotten anything.

For example; imagine you wanted to build a house, but only had a hammer.  Although a hammer is a very versatile tool, it still can’t help you complete every task.  Your marketing efforts should be viewed the same way.  If you are only doing one thing, you will get limited results.

Things to consider when looking at your marketing

– It’s very important to be found on the internet. That’s where everyone goes for information.
– It won’t be just “one thing” that makes someone respond.
– It’s regular, deliberate activities.
– It’s networking and selling
– Find a way, whether you do it or someone else, to make a full business development effort a priority

The truth of the matter is, most people won’t see most of what you do.  They will just know that they saw, or heard you somewhere.  Your job is to make sure they see you when they need you, and are ready to make a purchase.

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