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Anyone who’s been watching our videos, listening to our podcast, or has visited our website understands how much we emphasize the concept of understanding your buyer “avatar”. Before you decide on marketing tactics, we want you to understand exactly who your ideal client is. We talk a lot about the type of industry, the size of the company, the person’s role, and a whole host of other things.

Today we want to go a little bit deeper. We want you to completely understand your buyer. To make your marketing more effective, we want you to obsess over what your potential clients are asking. We want you to totally meet them where they are. Many times, a business will wish their prospects were different. Or there are things they feel are important but their prospects don’t seem to care about. We don’t want you to wish they were different or responded to different tactics. We want you to meet them where they are and communicate in a meaningful way. This is all before deciding on specific tactics.

Beyond knowing who your customer is; ask:

What are they thinking?

What do they think about their product or service, their goals, their desires, their thoughts about your industry. Understand what they’re thinking about.

What are they asking about your product or service?

They might think they need you but what are they asking.

Are they asking:

  • How it works?
  • About price?

Are they unsure about:

  • How to engage with you?
  • Whether or not they should invest in your services?

Are they nervous about making a buying decision?

What are they worried about?

Are they worried about:

  • The well-being of their own business?
  • Working with you might be a failure?
  • Making a bad decision?
  • Competition?

What are they worrying about?

What do they no trust about your product or service?

When we’re making a buying decision, we all go through those moments where we’re not sure if it’s the right one. There’s always some lingering question or something we don’t quite believe about a product. What are those things with your product or service?

What are they searching for?

There are websites like www.answerthepublic.com where you can find specific things that your target audience is searching.

Take the time to completely understand your buyer before you decide on specific marketing tactics.

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