Using LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool

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Often, we hear business owners say “I just don’t know how to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool”. Or “I’m on LinkedIn and I connect with people, but I don’t really know what to do after that”. It’s very common. Business owners seem to know there is some value with LinkedIn that they’re not utilizing it to generate leads . It’s so common that, over the course of the past 6 months, we’ve made LinkedIn marketing a major piece of our marketing agency. In fact, over the coming weeks, we’ll be getting into much more detail about how to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool and it will even have its own chapter in our upcoming book.

So, I’m here to tell you that there is gold in LinkedIn! You just need to learn how to use it properly.

Here are a few basic things to get you started:

Go in with a purpose in mind.

Much of the time, we just randomly connect with people on LinkedIn with no real purpose or idea why we want to connect with them. A better way is to have a purpose for connecting. They might be the avatar of your perfect client. They might potentially be a good center of influence. Whatever it is, choose carefully who you connect with and why. After connecting is usually where things drop off. Therefore…

Send follow up messaging.

Once you have new connection, it’s very important to start creating a relationship with them. Often simply calling them up and scheduling coffee is quite effective. We also suggest a series of follow up messages to them. Not necessarily salesy messages. Just messages about who you are and how you might develop a business relationship. This works very well.

Automate your follow up messaging.

Rather than try to remember to send regular messages to your connections, use a software that will automate the process. There are a number of good ones available. Automation will make your life much easier and allow you to communicate with a large number of people at once.

Some tools to help automate LinkedIn Messaging

Dux Soup

Use Sales Navigator.

Sales Navigator is a fantastic tool that LinkedIn offers. It helps you build and manage lists, categorize your connections, and specifically hone in on the types of people you want to be connected to. If you’re trying to grow your LinkedIn connections with a specific audience, Sales Navigator is definitely the way to go.

This is a very brief idea of some of the ways you can better utilize LinkedIn. Don’t overlook it as a valuable marketing machine.

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