What Should I Write About in my Blog?

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What Should I Write About in my Blog?

In prior articles and videos, we’ve discussed why a blog is necessary. From a marketing perspective, having a blog is non-negotiable. It’s necessary for credibility, sharing useful information, search engine optimization, and more. Your blog doesn’t necessarily need to be written (but written content is important to SEO). It could be done through video or a podcast. What’s important is that you are putting out content on a regular basis.

Once business owners buy into this concept, a very common question we get is “what should I write about”? It’s a great question. You could approach your blog from several different angles. So here are a few things we’ve come up with to help you decide what your blog should be about:

Before you write or record anything, make sure you understand your target audience.

Consider their habits, likes, and dislikes. How do they spend their time? How do they seek out information? What is important for them to know about your industry? Do they read blogs? Do they prefer video or podcasts? What would be valuable information for them to know? Before a blog or any other form of content, make sure you have a thorough understand of who you are trying to reach.

Write about things that matter to them, not you.

It can be tempting to fill your blog with things that you find interesting. You have to consider your blog from your target audience’s perspective. What will keep their interest and make them pay attention to you? This is very important to consider.

Don’t be overly promotional.

While it’s ok to mention your products and services in your blog, don’t make your blogs a veiled sales pitch. We’ve seen it happen a hundred times. People see right through it and become irritated by it. Provide useful information, not a hidden sales message.

Educate your audience.

Teach them. Share things with them that they didn’t already know. Help them to make educated choices. Provide them with:

  1. Information
  2. Things they can do for themselves (like teach them about writing blogs)
  3. And help them understand when to hire a professional
Don’t worry if only 50 people see it.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a million people reading your blog. Just make sure you are clearly communicating on a regular basis with your audience. The right people will see it.

Just Write!

If you’re not a prolific writer, don’t let that deter you from writing. Just practice. Put out more and more content and you’ll begin to get comfortable with it. You can always hire a marketing agency or copy writer to write your blogs. But we suggest that, if you can do it yourself, you should. Nobody will know your business and industry better than you.

The next time you wonder “What Should I Write About in my Blog?” follow these ideas and you’ll have an interesting, useful blog.

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